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Callum Parsey
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Callum Parsey This has always been one of my go-to albums after I've had a bad day, every track is emotional yet simultaneously uplifting, while still exhibiting a sci-fi feel. There aren't many musicians who can do this as well as Kubbi does. The traditional chiptune formula has been brilliantly fused with drums, piano, guitar and other synthesizers to create a new, yet familiar sound, and the vocals do nothing but heighten the experience. Thank you for the amazing album, Kubbi! Favorite track: Escapist.
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noltron000 I love the lyrics, the badass style. Kubbi is an amazing artist!! Favorite track: Concrete.
Sven B. Schreiber
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Sven B. Schreiber Kubbi's mystic recipe that makes this album stand out from many others of this genre is the seamless blend of scratchy lo-fi chiptune sounds and elegant hi-fi synth textures, built with expert songwriting skills. This music doesn't leave anything to be desired. Favorite track: We are Wired.
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Circuithead is the 4th full length album written and produced by Kubbi. It was written between May 2012 and November 2012. The album contains 9 tracks and the two bonus tracks "Machinery" and "Flicker".

Circuithead is an odyssey through hard hitting grooves, catchy melodies and relaxing atmospheres. It is based on traditional chiptune music infused with modern synthesizers, samples and progressive elements.

Special thanks (you might have helped me create this album more than you think):

Live-Andrea (happy birthday!), Brandon L. 'president Hoodie' Hood, Andrew Sturve, Smiletron, Steven Wilson, Chris Davidson, Frank Engelsvoll, Øystein Kummen, Jonathan Kruschke, Even Adrian Nilsen, Jonas Dam, Mikkel Schille, Swedish match, Vebjørn Rusten, Camel Cigarettes, Tassen, Katrín Ósk Óskarsdóttir, Nikolai Frederik Severin Grundtvig,


released December 1, 2012

Music and words - Vegard 'Kubbi' Kummen

Vocals - Live-Andrea Gjessen Rasch

Art and visuals - Jonathan Kruschke

Wallpaper by Alex de la Cruz (

License: CC-BY-SA




Kubbi Norway

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Merging the digital and analog. Machines old and new. Breathing new life into withered technology.


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Track Name: Concrete
I barely remember my instincts, my home,
a golden age of my own.
On a concrete ground I watch the weather change,
things we should never derange.

I see beauty in dying flowers.
I find bliss in acid rain.
These days it all seems so mundane.

Everyone is wired to a dying tree.
Everyone is connected to the sea.

On my plastic floor I just can't seem to get
it's all perfectly coherent.

Everyone is wired to a dying tree.
Everyone is connected to the sea.
Radio waves radiation in the air we breathe
Everyone is choking on our frequencies
Track Name: Circuithead
Will stay in my own world
wasting my chances to unplug from machines?
I am absent from this world
in a shelter from the sun.

We are wired to the cities
fed by machines through wires and screens.
Connected to the streets
The cycle repeats.

I keep forgetting the smell of toxic air.
I keep relying on people to care.
I hereby declare my circuithead's aware.