PRJCT Totally Not Cascade

by Kubbi

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aswhite23 I love how this song mixes with the track cascade so well, but it’s still totally not cascade. I was humming cascade while listening to this and it sounded so good! I’m disappointed that it hasn’t been released yet. Keep it up Kubbi! Favorite track: PRJCT Totally Not Cascade.
Alexand(er|ra) Yst
Alexand(er|ra) Yst thumbnail
Alexand(er|ra) Yst Honestly, with a title like PRJCT Totally Not Cascade, I was skeptical. I expected the title to be a lie. I thought that this would be a Cascade remix or something. True to its name though, this song totally isn't Cascade! The song brings to mind images of a coastal town, especially near the beginning.


We can't be sad and serious all the time, can we? I really can't, even if I try very hard. This track started off with some Zelda vibes at 4 am yesterday morning. Thanks to Shirobon's new Chiptune Serum sound-pack (go check that out if you use xfer Serum) this track turned into quite the banger so far.

Always busy days- but the album is getting close. January close maybe? Let me know what you think of this cute little jam, fresh out of the lab!

I needed a picture for it too, so here's one of Henry Homesweet in Amster. Thanks for staying with me! I'll update this one when I've made enough progress.


released November 30, 2016




Kubbi Norway

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